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Understanding market conditions

Numerous factors affect the real estate market. There may be more buyers than sellers. There could be more sellers than buyers. Interest rates, employment statistics and pricing. The supply of resale and new homes are also considerations when selling a home. Generally speaking, there are three types of markets that affect the sale of your home. Understanding each of these can make a difference to your bottom line.

Buyers' Market

Description: There is an abundance of homes on the market. Supply exceeds demand.
Characteristics: Many homes available for sale. Fewer buyers than homes. Homes remain on the market longer. Stable prices. Prices may also drop.
Impact: Less panic in buying. Buyers shop longer for homes.

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Thinking of selling your own property? Think again: a Real Estate Professional can save you money.

At first glance it seems like selling your home yourself is a simple matter. Why do those Real Estate Professionals have to charge those pesky commission rates? You could do the work yourself, couldn't you. Perhaps even better, you would even save money.

The reality is that selling a home is a complicated process that is anything but easy. It can be time consuming and costly if you settle for less than your home is worth. In fact, national statistics indicate that only five percent of all for sale by owners (which represent about seven percent of the total market) sell without the assistance of a Real Estate Professional! This means that only "1" out

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A Real Estate Professional can help protect your equity

The sale of your home affects many aspects of your life including finances, children, your equity and your future. This is one of the most important transactions of your lifetime. The average home sells for well over $100,000. For a small price, you can be assured that your investment is protected. When you are faced with a legal problem, you look to an experienced lawyer to represent your best interests. When it comes to the sale of your home, a professional Real Estate Professional is your best investment. Here are a few more ways a Real Estate Professional works to protect your equity: 

Price enhancement. A Real Estate Professional can recommend repairs or cosmetic work that can

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Gather your documents

Selling a home is an involved process. There are numerous items to think about including choosing a Real Estate Professional, preparing your home for sale, negotiating with possible buyers, handling details with a lawyer and moving. When you are prepared the process can be much easier. In fact, you will feel less stressed and more organized when you give some thought to organizing the paperwork you need. When you have everything in one place, you will not be scrambling to find documents at the last minute. Even better, you will feel in control, and prepared for anything that comes your way.

Here is a list of the documents you should have on hand, both for your Real Estate Professional and for any potential buyers.

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How to determine your home's worth

While sellers differ in the reasons they want to sell a home, they all have one thing in common - the goal is to sell their home, fast and for best price possible. Before you list your home for sale you have to establish the price. Prior to this step, you need to have some idea of what the house is worth. This does not mean the amount you bought it for or how you have since upgraded your home. Rather, the worth of your home really depends upon the price a buyer will pay. This translates into the "market value" of a home.

When it comes to real estate, "Market value is the price at which a particular house, in its current condition, will sell within 30 to 90 days."

Three criteria make up this definition;

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    26 questions to ask your Real Estate Professional before you sign on the dotted line

    Before you even think about selling your home, read this important report. Ask these 26 critical questions before you sign!

    Buying or selling a home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make. That is why it is important to choose the correct Real Estate Professional that will work to your benefit, to guard your equity and your future.

    Which Real Estate Professional should you choose? Some people have the mistaken notion that all Real Estate Professionals are the same. They sign with the first Real Estate Professional that comes along. Later, they realize they should have interviewed several people prior to signing.

    This report will help

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    What can you afford?

    When preparing your budget, you will want to discuss what resources you can allocate to mortgage payments, living expenses, and other financial situations. As your Real Estate Advisor, I can either help or recommend you to a professional who can assist you in establishing a budget and reviewing your financial position. In addition they may suggest some alternative methods to obtain financing, either through traditional lenders or other institutions. 

    To purchase a home, a down payment of as little as 5% down is required. Fortunately, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers a federal insurance program designed to help Canadians purchase their first home at an affordable cost. If you choose to put down 20% or more, you

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    Your home buying team

    When you are buying a home there is an entire team of professionals ready to assist you in the many details that need to be completed for a successful real estate transaction. This article explains these key people and the roles they will perform during the process. 

    Real estate agent
    A real estate agent is a professional trained in all aspects of real estate. This person can save you time and trouble. They may even save you money. That is because a Real Estate Professional has access to all of the homes available for sale, via the MLS® System. All licensed Real Estate Professionals use this national system. A home listed on the MLS® System is available to any Real Estate Professional in Canada. This is the number one place

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    As your personal Agent, I can provide you with...

    I can provide you with FULL ACCESS to this site which will be a big benefit to both of us as it allows me to share all the tools of my business.

    It will be my responsibility to represent the sole interests of you, the buyer. This includes searching for a home, negotiating the best price, and handling all the details of the purchased property. As your Agent, I will provide you with personalized access to more available property information via this website.

    As your Buyers' Agent, I will:

    1. Provide you with information regarding all properties:

    • Listed with the Real Estate Board online at your convenience

    • Including bank sales and For Sale by Owner sales

    • Complete, daily

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    What is fair market value?

    When you are buying or selling a home, naturally, your most important concern is getting the best price. As a seller, you may have lived in your home for years. You have contributed towards the mortgage each month. You have maintained your home. And now, it is only right that you should reap the rewards of your efforts.

    As a buyer, you want to ensure you are paying fair value for a home. How then, do you get fair market value for your home? In this article we will explain, specific house, present condition and 30 to 90 days, the three factors that influence market value.

    In this article, we refer to market value, as it applies to single-family homes only. Evaluation methods are different for condominiums and

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