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House hunting hints

You have established your budget. You have been pre-approved for a mortgage. You have contacted a Real Estate Professional to assist you with the purchase of a home. Now the fun, and evaluation begins. You will probably be looking at a few homes before you decide on the perfect one for your family. Before you decide to purchase that home you have absolutely fallen in love with, be sure to be objective in your decision. On appearance alone, the fireplace, the new flooring, paint job and new carpeting create a warm and inviting feeling. Yet, is the home really that perfect? Take a deep breath. Take some time to think about the bigger picture of the home in terms of your needs. Carefully consider

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First Time Regina Home Buyers & RRSPs

Purchasing Your first Home? RRSPs Can Help!

Did you know that, as a first time homebuyer there is a federal program in place to assist you with the purchase of your first home?

Under the Canadian federal government's Home Buyer's Plan, you can use up to $20,000 in RRSP savings ($40,000 per couple) to help finance the down payment on your first home. The great news is that you actually have 15 years to pay back your RRSPs penalty free. This timeframe will give you plenty of time to get settled into your new home.

To qualify, your RRSP funds must be deposited for at least 90 days prior to the purchase of your new home. By working with a qualified agent like myself, I will help ensure that the required

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Consider Your Present and Future Lifestyle


Consider your present and future lifestyle

Before you begin shopping for your home, reviewing your lifestyle, both now and in the future will make a big difference in the type of home you may need. You will save time. You will define your goals. You are likely to find the home you want, quicker, because you will not waste your efforts viewing homes that do not meet your criteria. 

Look at your lifestyle right now. Are there some areas you would like to change? Consider your lifestyle a few years from now? Will it remain the same? Will your needs increase or decrease? Will you need a small or large home to meet your lifestyle needs? Perhaps the attic or basement can be converted into additional

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Buying a Home: Needs vs Want

House buying needs and wants

Similar to the list you develop to purchase groceries, why not develop your own list of needs and wants in a new home. This doesn’t mean you can not have what you want in your home, but rather, that you have a priority list of the most important features. You may not be able to obtain all the “want” items on your list, within your budget. You may have to compromise on a few items to stay in line with your budget. 

Here’s a review of needs versus wants:


Adequate square footage for comfortable living.
Sufficient bedrooms for your family
Sufficient bathrooms
Comfortable eat-in kitchen
Garage or basement for storage needs
Backyard for children’s play area
Easy access to school

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The benefits of buyer agency

In an ideal world, every party in a transaction would be fairly represented. When it comes to real estate, however, this may not be the case. The seller and buyer, depending upon the type of agreement with the Real Estate Professional, may not be represented equally.

Many people believe that the agent they are working with automatically represents them and their interests. Yet, without specific disclosures this is not true. Unless otherwise stated, the agent represents the seller in transactions for the sale of a home. This agent, as part of his or her fiduciary duty, must ensure his loyalty protects the seller’s position throughout the entire process.

This is true of the “listing agent” who puts the

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Behind the scenes of closing day

Closing day is the day when all the parts of buying and selling a home come together. Each party’s lawyer will have successfully completed the details required to ensure all legal aspects are covered. On this day, you will take possession of the home, get the keys and perhaps even move in. It is also a busy time for the seller, as they will likely be in the midst of moving. However, before that day arrives, there are closing details to complete to ensure the smooth transfer of the property.

Lawyer review
A lawyer represents your interests, and ensures that the legal documentation is properly completed. Your lawyer receives a copy of the offer. He or she reviews the conditions of the sale, the contract and the

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The 9 biggest relocation mistakes and how to avoid them

On one hand, moving to another city can be an exciting adventure. On the other hand, it could be a stressful time if things go wrong. This report explains the 9 most common mistakes when people relocate. When you plan ahead, you will avoid these pitfalls and ensure your move is handled smoothly.

1. Lack of information
Contact the chamber of commerce, tourism department, municipality or library in your new community. At the same time, compare salaries, cost of living, taxes and housing prices.

2. Home not priced and ready for showing
Before you sell your home, complete repairs. Often, it is the little things, like chipped paint, worn caulking and sticky doors that potential buyers

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