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Saskatchewan real estate market remains steady

Regina and Region Sales in Regina were up 65.4% going from 234 in May 2020 to 387 in May 2021, and up 66.6% in the overall region, going from 293 to 488. In Regina, sales were 27.6% above the 5-year average (and 22.7% above the 10-year average), while in the ...

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The Cheapest Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Let’s face it: For homeowners in most cities, the real estate boom is far, far behind us. Most folks need to squeeze every last penny out of their investment when it comes time to sell. While remodeling the kitchen or gutting the bathroom may indeed increase your home’s value, these ...

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Saskatchewan Real Estate Finishes 2020 on a High

January 06, 2021 For immediate release: Regina-City-and-Region-MEDIA-December-2020 The Saskatchewan real estate market had another strong month and ended 2020 at levels not seen since 2014. Across the province, sales were up over 58% from last December, going from 590 to 935, new listings were up close to 13%, going from 1,005 ...

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